• Environmental Friendly

The carbon dioxide released during the combustion of wood pellets is being used by the growing plants. Thus, it does not add up to the problem of global warming.

• Convenient

Wood pellets are small – sized, highly densed and compacted unlike other biomass fuels such as wood chips. These characteristics would make a stack of wood pellets easy to store and transport. 

• Effective

Their low moisture content (humidity is typically 7 – 8%) does not require a lot of energy to burn it off making them highly efficient burnable material. Wood pellets generate high heat output.

• Natural

The wood pellets are manufactured from pure and not contaminated woods. Aside from being biodegradable, chemicals or additives are not necessary in manufacturing wood pellets. 

• Versatile

Wood pellets can be used in stoves (pellet stoves models and most traditional stoves), boilers, heating furnaces and similar heating systems.

These are the benefits that can be gained in utilizing wood pellets as biomass fuel. Such advantages make the wood pellets more popular among the manufacturers and consumers.




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